Thursday, June 29, 2017

Question: Bending

Hey everyone! I have a question on bending a character forward and backwards. When I'm drawing a characters gesture lines before the anatomy part it looks vaguely correct or really wonky. Then after when i get into the anatomy part i kinda lose it from there.
If there's any tutorials you can point to that could help out that would be cool or if you could make a quick tutorial yourself on the idea that would be cool!

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  1. Hey Caleb!

    My interpretation of your dilemma is this: you are having issues keeping the gesture of a figure before adding structure to it- Or vice versa.

    This is a problem we all run into when we're learning to draw. It has to do with our strength and understanding in fundamental drawing. But there are a ton of resources out there to help you out. I'd suggest taking a gesture drawing class and keep practicing on a regular basis through life drawing (short and long poses)

    There are a couple different approaches of studying gesture to be aware of. Some study gesture for animation, while others study with the intent of adding more levels of structure to the figure.

    I learned with the intent of applying more realism and structure to it than you would in animation. I learned to draw figures at Watt's Atelier using "The Frank Reilly abstractions". It's a method of memorizing certain abstractions and understanding the human form. You'll learn to see and memorize rhythms and compare angles to improve your eye's accuracy. It will also help you study and memorize anatomy, and draw from your imagination. This takes a lot of practice to fully understand, but it will eventually solve your problem.

    Here are a couple pictures of the Reilly figure abstractions:

    and a useful handout from my instructor at Watts Erik Gist: